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Alora Jaymes

Alora Jaymes

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  • age: 28
  • Debut: 2014
  • body type: petite, busty
  • 1st Appearance: OMG he's black
  • Fun Fact: only filmed interracial for industry invaders


Hailing from Tampa Florida Alora Jaymes is the perfect young fuck doll. Her delicate beauty will move you. Her reddish brugundy hair is a striking contrast to her pale soft white skin, and her teenage-like looks and innocent smile contrast nicely with her slutty sex skills. A natural and a true nymphomaniac, porn was the obvious career choice for this girl who can’t keep her clit in her pants. Her first job was in telemarketing, but she was fired after being gangbanged by 3 of the supervisors who worked over her. You’d think that would lead to a promotion, but Alora figures it’s because she didn’t fuck the head boss. So After a brief period as a stripper, she jumped onto the porno scene at age 22. Among her many talents is her ability to stuff huge black dicks into her mouth and deep throat it all! She can also take giant dick up her tight twat and squirt buckets of lady-cum while climaxing. Within her first year in the business she starred in several scenes that deserve more attention. See Alora Jaymes hardcore interracial porn videos here on Industry Invaders!

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