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Lauren Phillips

Lauren Phillips

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  • age: 32
  • Debut: 2013
  • body type: Busty, Milf
  • 1st Appearance: Oral headquarters
  • Fun Fact: We filmed her first scene ever


Lauren Phillips is the milf for you If you’re craving a smoldering redhead. This beautiful brown-eyed Milf stands 5 feet 10 inches tall, towering above some of the other petite cuties coming through the popular porn studios. At 127 pounds, her 36d tits, 24-inch waist and 38-inch juicy ass fit her body perfectly. When Lauren Phillips was around 26 years old, she decided to get into the porn industry. Lauren Phillips studied dance in college and has a degree in performance art from the highly esteemed Rutgers University – where Joanna Angel also went – making her the perfect candidate to star in porn movies! Originally from New Jersey, Lauren sought warmer weather and moved to Florida to start her career in adult entertainment. She started doing web cam and working for sexy companies like yours Truly Industry Invaders as she got really popular she relocated to porn valley, where she has found tons of success, in part because she’s so hot, but also because she has a voracious sexual appetite and always brings a star performance. Also to note she is Genuinely bisexual, so Lauren Phillips lesbian scenes are for real – not just part of the job. She relishes the days that she gets to lick pussy and use fun dildos with her girlfriends on set! She also likes to play BDSM sex games that see her as dominant or submissive. As described on her personal website, she’s a "cum whore with a New Jersey devil inside," and we certainly don’t doubt that.

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