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Cheating Housewife Tales


Desiree De Luca

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Cheating housewife Desiree De Luca is an honest and committed wife. Desiree does all of her motherly and spousal duties. She is an exquisite cooker bed maker and dick pleaser. However on a hot summer day her equilibrium was shook up a bit when she simply couldnt find a way to pay the gardener for all of his hardwork. No stranger to making a cock throb bob and explode all over her huge perfect titties, Desiree De Luca had a choice.... remain cock starved while her husband was away, or kill 2 birds with one stone. In this crazy reality porn update from the Industry Invaders Network you wont believe what this all natural 36 g tit milf Desiree does when she can't find her spare change. Watch this cock banging, titties swinging, housewife spectacular video now enjoy!

August 21, 2019
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