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Alexis Rodriguez

Alexis Rodriguez

  • 83%
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  • age: 30
  • Debut: 2010
  • body type: slim thick , pawg
  • 1st Appearance: ong he's black
  • Fun Fact: gypsy queen


Alexis Rodriguez is a White teen with some dark Latina blood. Alexis is a Sagittarius, and if you don’t know much about the stars, it means she has an insatiable bee sex drive. Alexis Rodriguez certainly loves getting ridden like a horny pony, or climbing on top and doing some cowgirl action herself. Her Zodiac sign is also the archer, meaning bows and arrows, kind of like Cupid shooting his love arrows into unsuspecting boners and loners. Alexis is that kind of young curious teen who makes even straight older women want to do bad things between her legs though she started out slowly in porn, with some vanilla masturbation scenes, she later got into heavy pussy-licking and finger-banging. But deep down, there was a desire buried inside her juicy fat Puerto Rican ass which craved something more than that feminine kiss. So, Alexis eventually opened up her pretty pussy for some rock hard stiff black cocks to come inside and pleasure her in only ways a dark dick can. With every heavy lustful scene and hole-stretch session she does, this cutie gets closer to achieving mega starlet status. See here here on the industry invaders network get stuffed with BBC and take it like only she can !

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