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Chessie Kay

Chessie Kay

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  • age: 29
  • Debut: 2010
  • body type: busty, petite
  • 1st Appearance: Oral Headquarters
  • Fun Fact: From the Uk


Chessie Kay is a hot blonde porn star from the United Kingdom with a cute British accent, that loves black cock paired with a huge perfect fake set of tits. This blonde bombshell is a bit of a comedian in person. She was once called Chessie King but that was just a typo, so please call her Chessie Kay! A rather blunt femme, everything Chessie Kay speaks about sounds especially naughty when she says it with British accent. She claims to come from a family of nudists and that she will never wear her “knickers" unless she is getting the honor of meeting the Queen of England! Chessie Kay once revealed some of her favorite sexual desires. Chessie Kay loves to swallow cum and thinks spitting is disrespectful. Her ideal porn movie to make would be a reality TV program where a girl seeks out Mr. or Mrs. right by screwing everyone’s brains out. Chessie’s unfulfilled fantasies include lots of kinky stuff like bukkake and BDSM, so hopefully we’ll get to see her act out all of her desires throughout her career on Industry Invaders. Chessie Kay is 5’5" tall and weighs 110 pounds. With an unheard of bra size of 28H, she once was known to be pretty flat-chested before getting a 650cc implant, which she upgraded in 2015 to a 1100cc implant. She plans to size up one more time in a few years because she loves having giant titties. With a 24-inch waist and 35-inch ass, her ginormous boobs really stand out. This cock-hungry slag loves group sex scenes. She prefers group sex over just one person because “the more the merrier." Moreover, she’d rather have two guys fawning over her in a threesome than two girls or one of each because she is perpetually hungry for dick, even though she also has a taste for pussy.

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