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Katie Cummings

Katie Cummings

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  • age: 33
  • Debut: 2006
  • body type: thick, curvy, Pawg
  • 1st Appearance: Latina 305
  • Fun Fact: n/a


Katie Cummings is a young girl who’s simply Amazing.The Miami-born Cuban princess rocks a fantastic pair of 36 E Cup tits, and those milk sacks are completely natural, without an ounce of enhancement. In fact, the only thing ‘enhancing’ about her tits is the way they’ll enhance the size of your cock to squeeze into her tight cleavage and adorn those boobs with a nice cim filled pearl necklace. Katie is deliciously curvy girl, and to get the full curve effect, you’ve gotta move from her tits to her ass. Here’s where Katie really out does the competition for other pornstars . Katie is a true booty girl, the definition of a PAWG, with a trunk so thick, it must be full of treasure, rather than your ordinary junk. Katie knows how to work that ass, too… she pops it on dick and makes her cheeks slap and clap each other in dong adoration. Katie loves black dick and interracial fucking especially. See her scenes here

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